We have a delicious selection of gourmet cookies and make custom cookies for all of your special occasions.
Everything is beautifully packaged with deserving care and flare. Take a look then give us a call to explore what we can do specially for you.


Chocolate Chip

Our signature chocolate chip is made with Barry Callebaut chocolate and toffee.
It is chewy and absolutely heavenly! Available in 5" and 3".


Junk in the Trunk

Our famous shortbread made with nut-free candy bars, Smarties© and chocolate chips.



Our version of the kitchen sink cookie - chewy like our chocolate chip and filled with lots of sweet, salty and crunchy surprises.


Oatmeal Fruit

Nick named our "Breakfast Cookie", this cookie is filled with fiber, fruit and berries.


Oatmeal Dark Chocolate

The ultimate oatmeal chocolate cookie!



Our signature brownie is a double chocolate sinfully good brownie. If you want the ultimate brownie try our double chocolate peanut butter crunch brownie!
We also have a scrumptious vegan brownie – hard to believe but true!


Hello Dollies

These bars take you back to Grandma's kitchen.
Packed with walnuts, coconut and chocolate on a shortbread crust.


Gluten Free & Vegan

Our gluten free cookie is rich and soft brownie like chocolate cookie.
We offer vegan protein balls made healthy ingredients – filled with medjool dates, hemp HEARTS, flax seeds and coconut oil.


Chewy Ginger

A unique chewy cookie made with fresh grated ginger and topped with demerara sugar.



Our yummy and gingery gingerbreads are available in a selection of shapes and sizes and are positively adorable.



An uncomplicated old fashioned cookie that is buttery and delicious. Available plain or decorated seasonally or for special occasions.


Savoury Shortbread

We have a selection of unique savoury shortbreads:
stilton with rosemary and walnuts,
cheddar and bacon and spicy cheddar with or without nuts.
These are the perfect cookies to accompany your cocktails.


Assorted Shortbreads

We have a selection of shortbreads:
plain, chocolate dipped, dark chocolate pecan, mars bar, lemon cranberry, orange dark chocolate, maple pecan, maple bacon, and toffee milk chocolate.


Frozen dough is available in 2 lbs logs for your freezer - perfect for the cottage and chalet crowd.
All of our cookies are hand rolled and made without preservatives or additives. We only use the finest chocolate and fresh local ingredients.

Please contact Robyn or Melinda with any questions.

Store Hours: Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm *(closed Saturdays on holiday weekends)