Eco6ix, the new eco-friendly local face mask company & why Sahara & Co is loving it!

Sahara & Co recently participated in the "Project Plastic Pickup Drive" driven by Eco6ix commitment to making a difference in cleaning up our environment.  We are happy to support this new local Toronto company, Eco6ix who manufactures and sells Canadian made, eco-friendly, masks while also working to help reduce plastic pollution.
Since the beginning of the pandemic the waste from single use plastic has increased substantially and is ending up in our streets, landfill and waterways. With only 1% of disposable masks (and other PPE) being recycled, and taking up to 450 years to decompose,
the Tsunami effect on our environment and impact on future generations is something we can't ignore.  Eco6ix has taken action against this global problem by developing locally made, eco-friendly reusable face masks that help protect you and your loved ones while also protecting the planet.

Made of super soft bamboo-cotton it's the most comfortable mask you will ever wear, and with a portion of all sales going to Environmental Defence* you will become part of the solution in fighting plastic pollution in Canada.  To learn more please visit www.Eco6ix.ca and be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook @Eco6ix


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